At McDuffie Feed & Seed in Thomsom, Georgia, we specialize in providing the best feed and supplies for the local farmer what ever their needs. From fertilizers, to seeds, to plants and harvesting we have the grower covered. bring in your soil and we can test it to see what it needs to make the crop grow best. For the livestock we have our own formulated feeds for the smallest of animals to the largest. Chicks, pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep horses, and cows, from juveniles to adults. Plus we carry fencing, posts, weed and pest control, pet supplies, gardening tools, and fireplaces.

The store is a mecca for those seeking normal and hard to find items. Charles "Wormy" Newton established the agriculture business 48-years ago in an old live stock stable that was used for horses and mules and had parking for two cars




(706) 595-2825

784 B Augusta Rd.

Thomson, GA 30824